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      Welcome to visit


      Welcome to visit




      ABOUT US

      Willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, work together to create a better future!

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      ABOUT US

      Xi'an Pump and Valve plant Co., Ltd.

      Add:1369, Second Baliu RD, Baqiao, Xian, China, 710025
      Tel: 029-82524860
      Zip code:710025

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      ABOUT US

      Customer-centered, market-oriented, technology-oriented, quality-oriented survival, integrity-oriented development, conscientious and realistic, prevailing, rather than loss of efficiency, not loss of credibility.

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        At the outset,I would like thank all my employees(past&present)and partners who were instrumental in making our company as one of the leading manufacturers of Special metal pumps,valves and castings.
        The long journey of Xian Pump&Valve Plant Co Ltd has started 58 years back as the company was founded on 16thOctober 1958 in the name of Xian High Pressure Valve Factory by the Government of People Republic of China.Through dedicated hard works of various generations,the company now stands strong in providing the latest technologically sound products not only to the China but also to the entire world.
        The company has always insisted on the“Customer First”policy and was able to keep its traditions of carefulness and honesty in what we do and was always passionate about our work.With strong team spirit and responsibility together with an aggressive and civilized mindset we were able to make our dream come true–“to become the market leader in our segment”
        The company has always focused on sales guided by advanced technologies and improving the market influence alongside keeping its prime policy–“Quality of Life with environment friendly products”.The company always looked at things with a WIN-WIN cooperation-be it with its own people or be it with its customers.We always look forward to improve ourselves with more and more advanced technological innovations and we are sincerely looking forward to our friends both at home and overseas to progress together to create a better future for all.
      Chairman:Huang Xiangyun
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