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      Welcome to visit


      Welcome to visit




      ABOUT US

      Willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, work together to create a better future!

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      ABOUT US

      Xi'an Pump and Valve plant Co., Ltd.

      Add:1369, Second Baliu RD, Baqiao, Xian, China, 710025
      Tel: 029-82524860
      Zip code:710025

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      ABOUT US

      Customer-centered, market-oriented, technology-oriented, quality-oriented survival, integrity-oriented development, conscientious and realistic, prevailing, rather than loss of efficiency, not loss of credibility.

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      Xian Pump and Valve plant Co Ltd
        Xian Pump and Valve plant Co Ltd(formerly the state owned Xian High Pressure Valve Factory)was established in the year 1958.The company ownership changed from the state owned company to the present Limited Liability company in the year 2005.It is located at the central east city of Xian of Shaanxi province in the People Republic of China.Through accumulation of half a century,the company owns a total assets of more than RMB 500 Million,covers a total area of 230 MU and a building area of 120000 m2 with an annual turnover of 0.3 Billion US$.The company has a total employee strength of more than 650 on post staffs including 162 engineering technicians of which 22 are in senior titles and are in operation in many parts of the world with its representative offices or partners.
        The company stepped on to the rapid development way after restructuring into Limited Liability Company in the year 2005 and gradually developed as a High-Tech Innovative enterprise and became the largest production base for Titanium,Zirconium,Nickel and other special materials based pumps and valves.
        In 2013,the company integrally moved to the new factory in Xian textile industrial park to accomplish a much expanded production base alongside to achieving internationalization of its products.With scientifically researched&developed high technical level pumps and valves---Xian Pump&Valve Plant Co is surviving on quality and developing on Innovation.
        The Xian Pump&Valve Plant Co Ltd is an ISO 9001/14001/18001,API accredited manufacturer and its products has a whopping 90%market share in the Chinese Domestic market.We export to a number of countries including Sweden,South Africa,Japan,India,Russia,Iran,Iraq,Kazakhstan,Pakistan etc.With a strong research&development team,the Xian Pump&Valve plant Co believes in customer first policy and always backed it with an excellent after sales and coordination efforts.
        Organizational strategy&Corporate Culture:
        The Xian Pump&Valve Plant Co Ltd is committed to provide the best in class solutions for its customers worldwide.As part of the mission 2020,we aim to grow and lead simultaneously in the segment we cater.In the year 2012,we have started the much awaited International division with Multi Lingual staffs and looks to grow and achieve greater heights by 2020.
        We are the pioneers in the exotic metal pump and valve industry and we are in an excellent position to achieve further growth in promising markets across the globe.The company strategies and our corporate culture are the foundation from which we derive our future success.
        Strategies for Mission 2020
        ☆To become the top most supplier in the world for special material Pumps in lucrative markets
        ☆To expand our horizons to all parts of the world by way of active partnerships
        ☆To become the most energy efficient manufacturer
        ☆To attain sustainable and profitable growth alongside utmost customer satisfaction
        Corporate Culture:
        Being a state owned company in the past,Xian Pump and Valve Plant Co Ltd adheres to the most respectful and customer friendly procedures and always keep“Customer First“tagline.Our corporate culture revolves around the below values:
        Professional Ethics
        Trust and Reliability
        Customer First tagline and
        Quality control from production to execution
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